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Agri Produce India is ISO certified (9001:2008) Agriculture products company, It covers a wide range of category of products related to AGRICULTURE. We are well known growers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters of agricultural products. Our assortment of agricultural products is catered to various clients across the globe.

Agriproduceindia is an unit of Fragrance Flowers Pvt. Ltd.. The company follows strict quality controls that meet international ISO-9001:2008 standards. We are one of the best producer of agriculture products like Wheat, Rice, Mustered. in northwest farm- Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajsthan.

Our Products

Paddy SeedsSeeds
Leading products of seeds, tested & identified verities of wheat, rice, mustard & flowers.



Flower seedsFlower
Growers & Suppliers of flowers & flower seeds. We produce some of the best varities of Gladiolus and Tuberose.





Best quality rice seedFruits
Growers & Exporters of vast variety of high quality mangoes like Langra, Chausa & Dusheri.



Indian wheat varietiesMustard
We produce high quality mustard seeds & mustard oil. These seeds find huge demand in the market for the quality.

Our Specilization..

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slide2 Supply of Seeds
slide3 Paddy Seeds
slide4 Wheat seeds
slide5 Supply of Fresh Flowers & Flower seeds
Consultancy on Organic Production at farm

Our Vision..

Our Aim is to provide best quality Agriculture products like Paddy Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Mustered oil, Tuberose & Gladiolus Flowers and Bulbs.