Agri Produce India

About Us..

We are one of the leading seeds producers of superior Genotypes (varieties/species) for higher productivity and income. Although our scientists in different parts of the country have developed the superior varieties of cereals & oil seed crops, yet the availability of the high quality seeds still remains out of the reach of the small and marginal farmers.

Since we are located in the National Capital Region, We have frequent access to the Agricultural scientists working in PUSA, IARI, Delhi, which has contributed significantly to the attainment of bumper yield and remunerative returns to farmers, thereby solving our all the technological problems. Moreover we have our own highly qualified technical staff that takes care of all the technological knowhow with a view to multiplying the high quality seeds of different crops at our farm.

We welcome our clients, who are interested in visiting our Farms with a view to have a look of different standing crops so as to get convinced to buy our products of their choice

Our Specilization..

Organic Food Products
Supply of Seeds
Paddy Seeds
Wheat seeds
Supply of Fresh Flowers & Flower seeds
Consultancy on Organic Production at farm

Our Vision..

Our Aim is to provide best quality Agriculture products like Paddy Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Mustered oil, Tuberose & Gladiolus Flowers and Bulbs.